3 Ways to Use SwitchUp to Find the Right Bootcamp

This guest post was written by Sarah Miller from SwitchUp, a top resource for coding bootcamps.

Making the decision to change careers is anything but easy. But once that decision is made, there are so many more decisions to come. Are you going to take time off to attend an immersive bootcamp full time or does it make more sense to keep your day job and attend part time? Are you going to find a bootcamp that’s closer to you or go all in or make the leap and change cities, too? What skills and disciplines do you want the school to teach?

And once all that’s figured out, there’s one big question you’ll have to answer: Which bootcamp is the right one for me?

Last year we found that there were more than 66 bootcamps in the U.S. alone. And that number is growing constantly. (Trust us – we’re always adding bootcamps to our directory!)

Our goal is to be a tool to help you make that important decision. Here are three ways to use SwitchUp to find the right bootcamp for you.

1) Find schools in your area (or desired area) and read the reviews

Our directory of bootcamps is extensive. On school pages, you’ll find information, like course descriptions, as well as honest (and we mean HONEST) reviews. If you have certain schools you’re interested in, you can look them up. You can also search by city, price, ratings or subjects. And if you’re really unsure of the school you want to attend, use our matching tool.

2) Ask questions and get answers

Our Tech Bootcamp Forum was designed to be a place for both experts and newbies. We get questions from prospective students, and we’re happy to answer them to the best of our ability. But we think putting your questions out to our community is a great way to get more in-depth answers, ones that come from a unique perspective. Both bootcamp staff and alumni alike are reading and answering questions in our forum, so go ahead and ask your questions there!

3) Read up on our articles and resources

We’re always writing articles and compiling top bootcamp lists. Just recently, we released an article that highlights the results of our survey called “Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It?” In it, we cover job placement rates, salary increases, diversity and more. Additionally, we have guides and rankings for coding bootcamps, data science and web design that are not only comprehensive and informative but also a great place to start your research.

We believe attending an immersive bootcamp is a fantastic first step in the journey to your new career, and we want to help you take that first step.

If you’re still deciding on which bootcamp to attend and haven’t been to SwitchUp.org yet, we definitely suggest taking a look around. We’re the resource you need to help you pick the right school.