Announcing Our Reactor Core Partnership

Things have been moving quickly at WeFinance since our bootcamp-focused feature launch earlier this month, and today we’re very excited to announce our partnership with the Reactor Core family of coding education programs, including Hack Reactor, Maker Square, Telegraph Academy, and Hack Reactor Remote Beta. (You can read their announcement on their blog.) These bootcamps are among the most competitive and highest quality in the industry, with graduate hire rates as high as 99% and average hiring salaries of over 6 figures. Even so, most admitted students have a hard time finding fair financing options for their tuition and living expenses from traditional companies, who focus on credit history rather than the promise of their future.

The Reactor Core team has shown how effective the bootcamp model of very intensive, full-time coding education for only a few months can prepare students to launch careers in tech, and their stellar placement rates and student reviews have led to a large, successful alumni community at tech companies all over the world. Now, through this partnership, Reactor Core admits can benefit directly and immediately from that alumni network by crowdfunding some or most of their tuition and living expenses for their program from that community as well as their existing personal communities. Like other WeFinance lenders, Reactor Core alums get the benefit of great rates (6-11% interest in most cases), and the students and alums also begin a relationship that can be beneficial when the students start to look for jobs, and throughout their careers.

Here at WeFinance, this is incredibly exciting because it’s such a perfect opportunity to further our mission of empowering people to use their whole selves to get the best financial outcomes, including those borrowers who are great candidates but may have had trouble raising enough money from their existing personal communities to meet their full funding needs. Of course, you don’t have to be a Reactor Core community member to pledge on their campaigns, so take a look at the borrowers on our custom Reactor Core page and start building your relationship with the next generation of developers!