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5 Common Credit Misconceptions

September 05, 2016 | Sebastian Fung

Should you close old credit cards? Is keeping a balance a good idea? Should you have more than one credit card? We debunk the 5 most common misconceptions people have about credit cards and how they impact your credit score.

Bootcamp Corner with Savaughn Jones

August 29, 2016 | Sebastian Fung

Savaughn Jones is an incoming Hack Reactor software engineering student. He talks about why he picked Hack Reactor, his motivation to learn to code, and advice he would give to others considering a coding bootcamp.

How to Decide Between Two Bootcamp Offers

August 22, 2016 | Sebastian Fung

This was originally posted on SwitchUp, a top resource for coding bootcamps. Do you have two great offers? We’ll walk through things you should consider.

Bootcamp Corner with Richard Durazo

August 15, 2016 | Sebastian Fung

Richard Durazo is an incoming MakerSquare software engineer-in-training. He talks about his journey and why he’s excited to learn to code.

Understanding Your Credit Score

August 08, 2016 | Sebastian Fung

Most Americans don’t know how the credit score works and what factors drive it. There’s also a lot of misconceptions that are passed around; following it might hurt your score. Here, we’ll discuss what impacts your credit score and things you can do to increase your score.